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(97 total)
Code Name
NodeAnholt Anholt
NodeAnkenyTap Ankeny Tap and Table
NodeAnnaBannanas Anna Bannanas Coffee House
NodeArborLodge Arbor Lodge Community Network
NodeBarXV Bar XV
NodeBergie Bergie's Node
NodeBerneis Berneis
NodeBeulahLand Beulahland Coffee and Alehouse
NodeBillyRays Billy Ray's Neighborhood Dive
NodeBitHouse Bit House Saloon
NodeBracken Bracken
NodeBrelin Brelin
NodeBrunner Ted Brunner
NodeBuffaloGap Buffalo Gap Saloon and Eatery
NodeButner Butner Road
NodeC3PO Creating Conscious Communities with People Outside
NodeCascadia New Cascadia Traditional
NodeCastle Castle Great Scott
NodeCommunitecture Communitecture Architecture and Planning
NodeCrowBar Crow Bar
NodeEcotrust Ecotrust
NodeEddard Friendly Neighbor
NodeEdison Edison
NodeEleven Cafe Eleven
NodeEliot First Unitarian Church Eliot Center
NodeFernHill Fern Hill
NodeFirstUnitarian First Unitarian Church
NodeFreeFunk FreeFunk
NodeFreshPot The Fresh Pot
NodeGarfieldFailing Garfield and Failing
NodeGilead Gilead
NodeGooseHollow Goose Hollow Inn
NodeGreenNoise Green Noise Records
NodeGriswold Griswold
NodeHancock 30th and Salmon
NodeHawthorne H.I. Portland Hawthorne Hostel
NodeHayduke Hayduke
NodeHowdy Howdy
NodeKailash Kailash EcoVillage
NodeKeegan Carter Park Music Lab
NodeKellogg VZA Homes -- Kellogg
NodeKLIC Keith Lofstrom's
NodeKlickitat Russell Senior
NodeKnow Know Your City
NodeLabarre LaBarre Machine Works
NodeLabyrinth Solve the Labyrinth
NodeLikewise Likewise
NodeLionsEye Lion's Eye Tavern
NodeLuckyLab Lucky Labrador Brew Pub
NodeLuckyLabNorth Lucky Labrador Overlook Tap Room
NodeLuckyLabNW Lucky Labrador Beer Hall
NodeLuckyLabSW Lucky Labrador Public House
NodeLutz Lutz Tavern
NodeMarshall Marshall Union Manor
NodeMcMaster McMaster
NodeMeadow Meadow
NodeMisdemeanor Misdemeanor Meadows
NodeMississippi Historic Mississippi Community Network
NodeMoby Norm and Karen
NodeMohawk VZA Homes -- Mohawk
NodeNewDeal New Deal Cafe
NodePatch Michael Rasmussen
NodePioneerSquare Pioneer Courthouse Square
NodePlayDay Mesh Play Day
NodePotatoChampion Potato Champion
NodePrinceton VZA Homes -- Princeton
NodeQuinn Quinn Residence
NodeRerun Rerun
NodeRigler VZA Homes -- Rigler
NodeRoxy Roxy
NodeSabin Sabin
NodeSechzig VZA Homes -- NE 60th
NodeSeller SellerEngine
NodeSherrett Sherrett
NodeSixOneSix SixOneSix
NodeSmart Smart
NodeSnoopy Snoopy
NodeSteele VZA Homes -- Steele
NodeStreetRoots Street Roots
NodeSubSeller SubSeller
NodeSunflower SE 33rd and Yamhill
NodeSunnysidePark Sunnyside Park
NodeSuzette Suzette Creperie
NodeTable Table
NodeTibbetts Janet Senior
NodeTron Tony Atkins
NodeTwentyThirdTap Twenty Third Tap and Table
NodeUglyMug Ugly Mug Coffeehouse
NodeWeidler VZA Homes -- Weidler
NodeWhat What
NodeWhen When
NodeWhet Whet
NodeWhom Whom
NodeWilshire Wilshire
NodeWistaria Wistaria
NodeWorldCup World Cup Coffee and Tea
NodeWygant VZA Homes -- Wygant